Tips on Choosing the Right Golf Accessories from Rockbottomgolf

In order to master the sport of golf, you need to have the right sets of golf clubs, golf balls, apparel, and accessories. In fashion, accessories are only meant to add an aesthetic value to an outfit but in golf, it is a different story. Golf accessories are as important as a golf ball. You will need them in the course at all times.

Like golf clubs, golf accessories are of many variety and kind. Each has its own intended purpose. It is vital to know what these purposes are and when they are applicable. Similarly, you need to be wise enough to know which golf accessory to pick and purchase. Fortunately, you can find a lot of options at Rockbottomgolf.

Here are some tips to help you make your purchases worth it.

1. You will need plenty of tees.

Tees’ function is to hold your golf ball up in the course. You will need a lot because these accessories can easily get broken. Tees can either be made of wood and plastic. They are sold in sets. If you are a beginner, you should opt for shorter tees as longer ones may be difficult to plant in the ground.

Professional golfers use their tees strategically. These golf accessories can affect the distance of your shot, the friction, and the golf club speed. If you use a fairway club or any of iron clubs, it is best to employ a short tee. On the other hand, a longer tee will be beneficial if you have a deep-faced golf club.

Right Golf Accessories

2. The fit of your golf gloves is the most important.

Golf gloves can be tricky for beginners. These accessories have two purposes; one is to protect the golfers’ hands and the other is to provide the player with a better grip of their golf clubs. If you browse the golf gloves section at, you will see that they come in many different sizes. This is because Rockbottomgolf tries to have the perfect size for each golfer, whether they are beginner or professional.

Golf gloves are present in the market as early as 1800s. They are developed to prevent any more blisters and calluses on the golfers’ non-dominant hand which suffers a lot in the game. Right-hand gloves are meant for left-handed players and left-hand gloves are for the right-handed. If your glove does not fit your hand perfectly, the chances are you will not feel comfortable using it and it will not help you get a hold of your clubs better. In other words, this accessory loses its function if it does not fit the wearer well.

3. Always consider the size of your ball markers.

Golf Accessories In golf, there are established rules for almost anything and one of the most important ones is when can a player pick up his ball. You can do so if you have to clean it, align it, move it, or inspect it if it went to some hazards. You can move the ball if it is in the line of your opponent’s ball. To know where to put the ball back, you will need to mark its position. Ball markers come in various shapes, sizes, and styles.

There are basically three types of ball markers. Rockbottomgolf offer pronged, flat, and magnetic ball markers. Despite being thin, flat ball markers are heavy; they are made of metal. You can distinguish a pronged ball marker by its shape; it is circular and thin. Magnetic ball marker comes with an attachment; you can clip it on your belt, hat, or bag. Ball markers can be customized with logos and imprinted texts.

The ideal size of ball markers is medium. It should not be large for it may interfere with your opponent’s shot. It should also not be small for you may have difficulties in spotting it. It is also best to use neutral-colored ball markers; bright ones may be distracting for you and the other golfers.

4. A two-in-one divot repair tool is a wise option.

Divot repair tool is used for golf etiquette purposes. As a golfer, you are supposed to repair any divot that you make in the course as you lift a hunk of ground. Divot repair tools will help you smooth out the indentations produced by your ball in the green. These accessories resemble a two-pronged fork.

You can find a two-in-one divot tool at Rockbottomgolf. It comes with a magnetic ball marker. It does not only make for a cost-friendly purchase; it will also save space on your golf bag.

5. You can personalize your club head covers.

Golf clubs are pricey, and so apt protection is vital in maintaining them. Club head covers will do the job; they will keep your clubs scratch free. These covers come in different colors and designs. You can always customize them according to your taste.
Club covers can be enclosed using a zipper or a magnet. There are also those kinds which you just have to pull off; they usually come with garters.